About Us: Captive Insurance - www.acurrapcc.com
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About Us: Captive Insurance

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Captive Insurance

Captive insurance is an Insurance company that is wholly owned and controlled by the parent company to insure the risks of its group.


PCC captive is A single legal entity comprising a sponsoring core, and a number of independent and segregated parts, or “protected cells”.


The cell is managed by the core and can be owned by the Client’s Entity (as the cell owner) by the issuance of preference shares.


The assets and liabilities, segregated from the others, of the cell will bear the name of the core followed by the name of the cell.

Pure (Traditional) Captive vs PCC Captive

  • Pure Captive

    • Control/ Risk management;
    • Access to wholesale market;
    • Cover uninsurable risks;
    • Flexibility in insurance program;
    • Underwriting profit;
    • Tax benefit;
    • Deploy ratings of the reinsurers in its reinsurance programmes.

  • PCC Captive

    • Same advantages of Pure Captive;
    • Lower cost and maintenance;
    • Arm’s length transaction/ No transfer pricing issue;
    • Legal structure protects assets and liabilities of cells from other cells / Core.