About Us: Acurra PCC Captive - www.acurrapcc.com
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About Us: Acurra PCC Captive

Acurra PCC Captive

Acurra PCC as the central core sponsor will manage the cell on behalf of cell owner. It offers a PCC that would insure and/or reinsure the risks of cell owner and acts as captive insurance or reinsurance for the cell owner.

PCC structure is suitable for Companies who are considering an alternative way to make some savings out of their insurance programmes or are looking for new way of tax planning; and Companies that can retain risks and planning to shift the reserve out of their books, with a minimum of annual risk premium of USD 250,000 or RM 1,000,000.

The cost to establish a PCC captive is
USD 4,000 or RM 15,000.


You can contact us for further enquiries.